NBD Company Number:35N104946016

Address:3809 DURBIN ST. IRWINDALE, CA 91706

The latest trade data of this company is 2021-06-07


Data Source:Customs Data

Records:206 Buyers:0 Suppliers:22

Related Product HS Code:

UNIPAC TRANSPORTATION,INC was included in the global trader database of NBD Trade Data on 2020-12-02. It is the first time for UNIPAC TRANSPORTATION,INC to appear in the customs data of the UNITED STATES,and at present, NBD Customs Data system has included 206 customs import and export records related to it, and among the trade partners of UNIPAC TRANSPORTATION,INC, 0 procurers and 22 suppliers have been included in NBD Trade Data.

UNIPAC TRANSPORTATION,INC 2020 Present Trade Trend Statistics
Year Import/Export Partner Count Category Count Region Count Entries Total Total Value
2021 Import 6 1 3 9 0
2020 Import 20 1 6 197 0

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Recent customs import and export records of UNIPAC TRANSPORTATION,INC are as follows:

Date Imp & Exp HS CODE Product Description Country Imp or Exp Company Details