NBD Company Number:NBDDIY367467727

The latest trade data of this company is 2022-12-28


Data Source:Customs Data

Records:12 Buyers:4 Suppliers:0

Related Product HS Code: 21069072

NEW JERSEY PHARMACEUTICAL INC. was included in the global trader database of NBD Trade Data on 2021-06-27. It is the first time for NEW JERSEY PHARMACEUTICAL INC. to appear in the customs data of the UNITED STATES,and at present, NBD Customs Data system has included 12 customs import and export records related to it, and among the trade partners of NEW JERSEY PHARMACEUTICAL INC., 4 procurers and 0 suppliers have been included in NBD Trade Data.

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Using NBD Trade Data can help the users comprehensively analyze the main trade regions of NEW JERSEY PHARMACEUTICAL INC. , check the customs import and export records of this company in NBD Trade Data System till now, master the upstream and downstream procurers and suppliers of this company, find its new commodities procured or supplied, search the contact information of NEW JERSEY PHARMACEUTICAL INC. and the procurement decision maker's E-mail address. NBD Trade Data System is updated once every three days. At present, the latest trade data of this company have been updated until 2022-12-28.

Recent customs import and export records of NEW JERSEY PHARMACEUTICAL INC. are as follows:

Date Imp & Exp HS CODE Product Description Country Imp or Exp Company Details
2022-12-28 Export 21069072 Hea.lth food: BIKALIN GLUCOSAMINE HCL 1500MG MSM 1500MG, bottle of 100 tablets, TNCBSP number: 10991/2019/DKSP, manufacturer: ROBINSON PHARMA, INC.,(USA), Lot:T22H068, EXP:10/07/ 2025, CD: Helping BS to support joints. VIETNAM B***D More
2022-12-08 Export 21069072 Hea.lth food: NJ-CARTILON PLUS, bottle of 90 tablets, TNDKCBSP number: 12358/2020/DKSP, manufacturer: ROBINSON PHARMA, INC.,(USA), Lot:T22F026, EXP: 08/17/2025, CD: Helps maintain and protect cartilage and joints. VIETNAM B***D More
2022-11-09 Export 21069072 Hea.lth food: VADENA (pure white), Bottle of 60 tablets, number TNCBSP; 8962/2019/DKSP, manufacturer: ROBINSON PHARMA, INC.(USA), Lot :T22G050, EXP:10/05/2025, CD: Replenish necessary substances for skin, help skin stretch, smooth VIETNAM P***. More
2022-09-14 Export 21069072 Thực phẩm bảo vệ sức khỏe: CORSHI, lọ 60 viên,số TNCBSP; 6188/2018/ĐKSP, nhà SX: ROBINSON PHARMA, INC., (USA), Lot: T22D085, EXP: 06/22/2025, CD: Bồi bổ sức khỏe, hỗ trợ tăng sức đề kháng. VIETNAM C***Ồ More
2022-07-12 Export 21069072 Thực phẩm bảo vệ sức khỏe: BIKALIN GLUCOSAMINE HCl 1500MG MSM 1500MG, lọ 100 viên,số TNCBSP: 10991/2019/ĐKSP, nhà SX:ROBINSON PHARMA, INC.,(USA), Lot:T21L034, EXP:04/13/2025, CD: Giúp BS hổ trợ khớp. VIETNAM C***Ồ More